About Me


I'm Sophie a 37 year old, currently working as a management accountant, and mummy to three children, two daughters aged 19 & 17 and a son who's 9. I thought my days of having a little one was behind me, however less than two years ago I became a Step-Mummy, to a girl known as B.

Luke and I became a couple in September 2016 when his daughter was 16 months old.

I'd been a mum for as long as I can remember so thought taking on another persons child would be easy, how wrong was I! She hated me, ok that not strictly true, I FELT like she hated me, she was just a confused little girl, wondering why I was suddenly in her life, and why I was with her Daddy.

We embark on these adult relationships, we ask adults how they feel about being part of a child's life, how we deal with the new life - with the new children who are biologically not ours. But do we ask the children if they want this person to look after them? Probably not, and certainly not when they are so young. We just assume that because we love the other adult then our child will instantly love them, but it's not that simple!

And that's why I've started this page, I've had a bumpy 18 months, which is still not smooth yet, and I want to share my journey - the good, the bad and the funny bits.

Welcome to me - the Accidental Step-Mummy


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