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What does being a Step-Mummy mean??

I have been trying to build a bond with little B since May 2017 (after having to fight through the legal system) and have had this question on my mind since her Daddy and I first got together. Many of the fairy-tale books depict stepmothers as wicked and evil, the most famous examples being Snow White and Cinderella, infact there are 100’s of stories written about these ‘awful’ stepmothers.
I have done some research, can you believe that almost 1 in 10 children (under 18) are now part of a stepfamily, and thought back to my childhood to try and put myself in the shoes of little B. My parents separated when I was young and my mum re-married when I was 8, my dad never married again or had a serious relationship so I don’t have the personal experience of having a stepmother. My parents still had an amicable relationship and dad would come over every weekend to see us. He didn’t have space for me and my siblings as he had to move back with his parents, allowing us to stay in the family hom…

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